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Ryan & son

Hey there!

My name is Ryan Stone, founder of Stone Patch Company.

Last year, I got fed up with spending $30+ on uncomfortable, ugly hats. It's incredibly impossible to find comfortable hats that fit my large noggin, so when I do find a good one, three problems generally occur:

  1. The hat fits well but has a boring design
  2. The hat fits well, has a cool design, but the design only comes in one hat type, so I can't wear the design year-round when the weather changes
  3. The hat fits well, has a cool design, the design comes in multiple hat types, so I spend way too much money buying all these hats with the same design

To solve my problems, I realized I needed to create: 

  1. High-quality customizable hats
  2. High-quality interchangeable designs

Well, here we are one year later, with the official launch of Stone Patch Company!

Our mission: 

To inspire adventure through quality creative headwear, allowing people to match the perfect design with the perfect hat on every occasion. 

To accomplish our mission, we use good ole' fashioned hook & loop technology, professional graphic design skills, and only the highest-quality materials.

Stop wasting money on ugly, uncomfortable hats.

Stop wasting money for the same logo on every hat.

Start unleashing your headwear's creative potential with Stone Patch Company.

Welcome to the Patch family!

Ryan Stone

Owner, Patch Designer, Seamster